Updated the 928 with new front bumper and tons of new details..

New Brushgt40kub

Just played around crossing sofwares to generate these images. We had a few like these displayed in the studio which I had made a couple of years ago. They eventually got stolen by┬ásome executives to decorate their office… I guess it’s time to make new ones :-pdsbleuelo dsorangelo


RMNGVN just passed 400 likes on FB ! Here’s a Lamborghini 400 GT for the 400 mark ! It was quite fun drawing a Lambo with classic GT proportions. Thanks again everyone.



rmngvn928concept01c rmngvn928concept02b rmngvn928concept03bHere are the first finalized images of my 928 concept. More in the pipeline but I wanted to share this first glimpse.

It is my personal vision of a Grand Tourisme coupe. Its dimensions are 4774mm long, 1310mm high and 1900mm wide which places it between AMDB9 and Bentley Continental GT.

I wanted to keep the design simple and pure as a nod to the original 928 we all love.



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